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About us

About us

Right in the centre of the city of Brno – at its green heart – lies Lužánky Park. And the heart of the park is the long-standing Lužánky Leisure Time Activity Centre. Since 1949, we have provided rest and relaxation for children, youngsters, and adults, served their educational needs, and helped them develop all sorts of interests. Our free-time centre has grown to encompass a number of other sites scattered around the city of Brno. They are all linked together by the Lužánky name and by a sense of belonging to the long tradition of their parent facility.

The Lužánky Leisure Time Activity Centre is a regional educational facility offering leisure time activities and extracurricular education for people of all ages, from infants to the elderly.

We are open to the public thrloughout the entire school year, from morning to night. Every year, over 65,000 people take part in our activities.

Our mission is to encourage positive personality formation by creating and offering space and conditions for leisure time activities and education of the general public, especially children and youth.

Lužánky is...

  • One organisation – 13 sites
  • A broad range of leisure time activities for all ages from infants to the elderly
  • Education
  • The ‘Maceška’ (field pansy) mini-preschool network
  • The ‘Proud’ (water-current) rope climbing centre
  • The ‘Cirkus LeGrando’
  • Cooperation with universities
  • International cooperation and European projects
  • Teachers and visiting lecturers – experts in their fields


Did you know?

In 2014, Lužánky celebrated its 65th birthday, making it the oldest and largest leisure time facility in the Czech Republic.

We enjoy very close cooperation with Brno's higher education system, in particular with JAMU and Masaryk University. Lužánky Leisure Time Activity Centre is an official Faculty Facility of the Masaryk University Pedagogical Faculty.

We offer the largest network of mini-preschools in and around Brno. This is a morning childcare facility for children between 2 and 5 years old, with a developing programme. Currently you can find a Maceška mini-preschool at 13 locations in and around Brno.

Since August 2012, Lužánky has been running ‘Lentilka’ (lentil) branded in-company nursery schools in the South Moravian region.

Lužánky features the ‘Proud’ rope-climbing centre at Lesná, with one of the longest rope cable routes in the Czech Republic.

At the Legato site, you will find the first children’s circus in the Czech Republic, the Cirkus LeGrando. It has been going since 2005, with artists sharing their skills with children, and adults alike.

The Lorien recreation centre in the Orlické Hory mountains is one of the Lužánky Leisure Time Activity Centre sites. It provides accommodations for outdoor schooling, ski courses, and trips by children’s organizations.

In 2014, Lužánky Leisure Time Activity Centre placed for the eleventh time among the hundred most important institutions and companies in Brno, in the ‘Brno TOP 100 – Who’s Energizing Brno?’ opinion poll run by Brno Business magazine.

Our sites

  • LIDICKÁ • Lidická 50, Brno-střed
  • LESNÁ • Milénova 13, Brno-Lesná,
  • LÁNY • Lány 3, Brno-Bohunice
  • LABYRINT • Švermova 19, Brno-Bohunice
  • LATA • Plovdivská 8, Brno-Žabovřesky
  • LEGATO • Stamicova 7, Brno-Kohoutovice
  • LINKA • Kosmonautů 4, Brno-Starý Lískovec
  • LYSKA • Oblá 51c, Brno-Nový Lískovec
  • LOUKA • Bzenecká 23, Brno-Vinohrady
  • LIŠKA • Žižkova 600, Bílovice nad Svitavou,
  • MŠ LENTILKA • Žerotínovo náměstí 1/2, Brno-střed
  • RS LORIEN • Nekoř 253, Orlické hory


What we offer


Many parents face the challenge of meaningfully filling their children’s leisure time. The Lužánky Leisure Time Activity Centre has over 600 interest groups for children, youngsters, and adults. You can choose your group by topic of interest, or even by how close it is to your home. There are groups for fine arts, handicraft activities, girls’ clubs, theatre, music, dance, sports, outdoor pursuits, animals, plants, modelling, computing, video, film, photography, social sciences, ethics, yoga, health, activities for preschool children, and many more interests.


Every year we feature over 300 special occasion events that are open to the public. These include large-scale events for the general public, such as celebrations of Children’s Day, Easter, and Christmas in Lužánky, Světýlka (glowlights), Tancesse, Fairytale Forest, and Juggling Day. We also put on festivals, theatre performances, concerts, tours, and residential events, as well as events for more select groups, such as workshops, club shows, exhibitions, and various arts and crafts workshops.


Every summer, we organize around 200 holiday events. These range from residential camps for kids, teens, and parents with children, to courses, workshops, and sports activities. For children who want to stay in Brno, we offer a wide range of day camps. The day camps and residential events also run during the autumn, and at the school mid-year and spring breaks.


Some of our sites have clubs for the smallest infants and their mothers, clubs for school children, and even clubs for seniors.


Throughout the year, we organize one-day and multi-day courses. We offer courses in handicrafts, the arts, music, flower cultivation and arrangement, sports, technical matters, and training courses for expectant parents. Included in our offering are lectures and counselling sessions (for animal breeders or ceramics teachers, on speech therapy or breastfeeding).


Lužánky Leisure Time Activity Centre provides further education for teachers and others working with children, largely on the basis of accreditation granted by the Czech Ministry of Education. Each year we offer over 30 accredited courses.


For pupils of nursery, primary, and secondary schools, we have over 100 tuition programmes on offer. Every year some 15,000 pupils attend these programmes. We also provide schools with school trips and adaptation courses.


Lužánky has been appointed by the Council of the South Moravian region to organize urban and regional rounds of thematic, artistic, sporting, and other competitions as announced by the Ministry of Education. We also organize other competitions, shows, and races, such as the Brno Youth Run, the Dance Festival, the Paper Kingdom, the Czech Checkers Tournament, and the Elementary Schools Chess Tournament.

International cooperation


International activities are something that Lužánky gets involved with most notably under the European grant programme umbrella. We participate in international youth exchanges (e.g. Germany, Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Slovenia) and in staff study trips (Portugal and Germany). We organize themed international events and training courses – circus, film, and dance festivals, theatre workshops and training courses, and rope-obstacle activities. We organize multinational initiatives aimed at involving young people in local projects. We host foreign interns and trainees, and we are also involved in the European Voluntary Service.


The European Solidarity Corps offers young people aged 18-30 the opportunity to gain experience as a volunteer or emloyee and in a selected European country. It is all about helping a given organization and the local community, but especially about gaining new experience and meeting new culture through volunteering.
Lužánky Leisure Centre has been hosting and sending volunteers since 2006.
Hosting volunteers work in the Lužánky Leisure Centre at several sites and enrich with their presence the activities of diverse open-scope youth clubs, school educational programmes, art and sports groups, circus activities, public events as well as bringing their own ideas and projects.

Do you want to know more?

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